1F95 | Maytag 90 Series Programmable Thermostat

  • Easy Operation: This thermostats interactive display and smart system controls make it simple to operate.
  • Saves Energy: Maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system by setting a comfort schedule. This way you can heat and cool your home based on your needs.
  • Big Touchscreen: This thermostat not only has a large touchscreen, but one of the largest touchscreens in the heating and cooling industry.

When no one is home, it is not cost effective to run your heating and cooling equipment. Programmable thermostats help save energy by working according to your schedule. With the Maytag 90 Series Blue Touchscreen thermostat you can program your heating and cooling equipment to run according to your daily schedule helping to deliver premium home comfort, but only when you need it.

C7BA A Vertical & C7BH Horizontal Micro-Channel Indoor Coil

  • Matched System: Proper system matching can help enhance operation. When you match this air handler with the right air conditioner or heat pump and indoor coil, it maximizes the efficiency of your central HVAC system.
  • Installation Flexibility: If you need a cased or an uncased coil, the C7BAMO can deliver. The coil comes in both versions.

Dependable performance and maximize efficiency is achieved with proper coil and cooling system matching. The C7BAMO works with your air conditioner or heat pump to provide excellent cooling capabilities throughout your home and sits on top of your furnace.

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95.0% AFUE Single-Stage High Efficiency/Direct Vent or Non Direct Vent Gas Furnace

  • Kicks on at a Warm Temperature: Furnace start-up does not have to release a blast of cold air. This model utilizes a 30-second blower delay to assure a warm duct temperature when the unit starts up.
  • Improve Your Ignitors Lifespan:The ignitor in your unit is a crucial component. That is why we use SmartStart technology that can extend the ignitors lifespan.
  • Quality Inside and Out: Before it makes the journey to your home, this furnace is checked 234 times at the factory.

When combined with Maytag air conditioners or heat pumps and corrosion-resistant coils, the Maytag M120 MGC2SD and MGC2DM gas furnaces offer high heating efficiency. A high-efficiency furnace, when compared to operation costs of your previous furnace model, can significantly decrease the amount of money you spend heating your home during the winter.SCAQMD Only:This furnace does not meet the SCAQMD Rule 1111 14 ng/J NOx emission limit (14 ng/J), and thus is subject to a mitigation fee of up to $450. This furnace is not eligible for the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program: www.CleanAirFurnaceRebate.com


95.1% AFUE Two Stage, Fixed Speed, High Efficiency Gas Furnace

95.1% AFUE Two Stage, Variable Speed, High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Up to 14 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Air Conditioner

15+ SEER R-410A Ultra High Efficiency